Description of the four fields:

Calculated from the measured electron energy before the undulator
Mean photon energy of all bunches measured in the tunnel GMD (Gas Monitor Detector)
Mean Photon Energy Plot:
Measured in a GMD (Gas Monitor Detector) or in a MPC (Multi Channel Plate), mean value of all bunches
Linac Synoptic, indicates:
  • Beamline green: beam possible
  • Klystron and Laser green/red/gray: ok/fault/off
  • Detectors, Apertures (magenta)...: photon beamline has limited transmission
Bunch Charge Plot:
Measured at the output of the electron gun by a Toroid
Photon Energy Plot: (first bunch is at 700)
Indicates the bunch energies of the first (up to 30) bunches
  • brown: max bunch energy
  • green: mean energy
  • blue: actual energy